Paras Kharisma Putri is a founder and CEO of PT. Kharisma Dahayu Sangkara.  After having years of experience working in the food and beverage industry, Paras finally realized that it has always been her true dream to be a female entrepreneur in the beauty industry.  After taking some time to do some intense research, she decided to open her own business, focusing on eyelash extensions as the first step, before venturing into other aspects of the beauty industry.  Armed with entrepreneurial lessons from various business trainings, she learned that it takes more than just having the right skill to run a business, but also, and most importantly, passion.


Still in her late 20s, Paras decided to explore more about the industry’s technical knowledge by traveling to Taiwan specifically to deepen her expertise and to gain more skills on eyelash extensions.  Upon her return from Taiwan, Paras then drafted a business plan concept that became the forerunner of PT. Kharisma Dahayu Sangkara.  While pitching her entrepreneurial idea, she has successfully found some investors who are willing to help her develop Paras Kharisma Studio, a studio that focuses on applying eyelash extensions service.


Shortly afterwards, the most leading Taiwanese eyelash manufacturer, Biomooi, offered Paras an official distribution partnership to market their product in Indonesia.  With determination and courage, Paras saw this partnership offer as a great opportunity to expand her business by establishing Paras Kharisma Beauty Store.


In the course of developing her business, Paras also came to realize that there are many Indonesian women with great potential but have lesser opportunity to evolve.  Therefore, Paras also established Paras Kharisma Academy, an eyelash extensions expertise academy.


Blessed with great opportunities that had been given, Paras realized that it is her duty as a human being to make a contribution.  Therefore, in running PT. Kharisma Dahayu Sangkara, her goal is to build a company that helps Indonesian women to gain more access, more opportunities, and the ability to have a better decent life.


Her company’s vision is, “To empower women through their beauty, by sending a clear and powerful message that every woman is beautiful.  It has become our passion to create products and deliver services that will not only make every woman look beautiful, but also to boost their self-confidence so that they will feel beautiful inside and out.”


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