Eyelash Extension 101

Eyelash Extension 101

First-timers; whether it be my friends or clients, would often ask me these questions: “How did it feel afterwards?”, “Does it feel itchy?”, “Are you going to apply the hairs one at a time?”

One thing is clear. I was once in their shoes. Before I tried eyelash extension for the very first time, I too, have the same questions and doubts. Do not be alarmed as all of your concerns regarding this should always be addressed. Therefore, now, it’s finally the time for me to tell you all you need to know about eyelash extensions before you ever decide to get one.

This is Eyelash Extension 101.


A proper salon and material

The most misleading misconception about eyelash extension is that every product and its process of application is identical. This is truly mistaken. There are now countless number of eyelash extensions that are not responsibly sourced. In PK Beauty Space, we only use the best materials and tools from a brand called Biomooi. Biomooi is internationally well-known for its quality. Their products stood out because they are created by dermatologists, therefore its safety is guaranteed to be gentle enough for the sensitive eye area. In addition to our excellent materials, our salon also provides recliner seats that will allow our customers to lay comfortably during sessions.

Consultation and application

Every eye shape is unique. Different types and models work on different individuals, and so, before any application, you will be automatically appointed to a consultation with a beautician. Each process of application varies between 2-3 hours because each eyelash is going to be applied individually on every strand, and not on the skin of the eyelids (cluster lashes). Many clients still think that both cluster lashes and eyelash extension are identical methods of application, when in reality, they are completely different. Cluster lashes have always been proven to cause discomfort and damage. However, our individual application process always ensures your extension to be sting-free and will leave your natural eyelash at peace.


A good eyelash extension with a proper application process shouldn’t feel itchy, stubbly, and heavy on your eyes. In other words, it should feel as if you are not wearing any. To maintain the comfort, clean your eyelashes with a water-based cleanser periodically. Also apply lotion or a coating sealant so that your extensions will endure longer. Biomooi also provides a series of aftercare products that you will find conveniently in every salon branch. On average, an eyelash extension will last about 3 to 4 weeks, therefore, make sure to retouch regularly to retain your beautiful eyelashes.

Those are some of the most basic things you need to know about eyelash extension.

I hope that it has helped you to feel more comfortable in trying out for one!



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