Beauty comes with the balance.

We value real beauty and we truly believe that beauty comes from within.  It’s about self-confidence, being comfortable, and feeling good about yourself.  We aim to take every woman’s natural beauty to another level by giving them something extra special to complete their beauty inside and out. 




Beauty is a combination of qualities. 

Quality comes first from everything we offer.  We are committed to innovative products for eyelash applications and we keep our lash products safe, sustainable, and ethical.  With the help from our team of dedicated professionals, we make sure to indulge our clients not just by giving them the best service they deserve, but also constantly strive to develop breakthrough products for their beauty needs.




Beauty has no limits. 

Our products are created for sophisticated women who understand and appreciate their beauty.  We are suitable for those who are bold, fierce, and not afraid to experiment with many different looks.  And we wanna help every woman reach their full potential in looking their best.




Beauty is where you find it. 

We provide a studio with cozy atmosphere and  welcome every woman to experience our service as requested.  We put comfortness first, so that everyone can feel as comfortable as having their beauty treatment at home.




Beauty means taking a really good care of yourself. 

With qualified and trusted brands as our partners, we provide high quality beauty products, especially in eyelash extensions.  Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products to help them maintaining their beauty.




Beauty should be inspiring.

In our very own academy, we want to inspire by sharing and passing our knowledge and skill to everyone who wants to learn more about eyelash extensions and its growing industry.  With a network of professional team who are committed to Avant-garde lash services, we provide high standard professional trainings and cutting edge beauty education.




Paras Kharisma has a thing for beauty, especially in eyelash extensions.  She has traveled abroad to learn from various international experts and successfully earned herself the title as professional lash artist.  Now she wants to offer her expertise and share her knowledge to elevate the lash industry in the country. 

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