PK only use highest quality eyelash extension products from Biomooi International Taiwan. Our famous Camelia Volume will bring the most natural and voluminous eyelash extension result, 99% similar to real lashes.

Comfort at its finest, Our warmand cozy studios were provided with comfortable reclining chairs, so everyone could relax and enjoy their lash nap.

We care about the life span of your eyelash extensions and your real eyelash. We will provide a complete set of aftercare products to make sure that your eyelash extensions will be at its finest all the time.

We will give 4 days warranty after the application for every customers. So, if you have any trouble with the eyelash extension, feel free to come to our studios and we’ll fix it for you.


Quality comes first from everything we ofer. We are commited to introduce innovetive and safe products.

The Amino Acid Cleaning Mousse

Rp. 400.000;

Ultra Black Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Rp. 120.000;

Powerful Lash Styling Gel

Rp. 250.000;

Eyelash Nourish Lotion

Rp. 320.000;

As a form of our dedication to encourage our customer to become a beauty practitioner, our

private Basic Class of Eyelash Extension is now open for you. Our 20 hours of private class

will give you a chance to learn about basic eyelash extension technique and beauty business.

We will also provide you with our special starter kit to start your own eyelash extension


IDR 8.000.000(Include)

1. Beauty bag

2. Professional toolkit (Up to 40 clients)

3. Certificate

4. Module

5. Lunch

6. Free eyelash extension

20 hours (4 days course) :

1. Eyelash extension theory

2. Product knowledge

3. Paper practice

4. 2D / double and 3d technique

5. Design eyelash on dummy

6. How to remove eyelash extension

7. Practice on model


Be a certified lash artist and start your own eyelash extension business! Join our class

and we will help you grow. Apply now and get all the benefits!

Fill out the form below and we will tell you everything

you need to know about PK Beauty Workshop


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